Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Journey So Far!

Hey everyone, it's Alysha! Sorry for not posting sooner. We have both been so busy with it being summer!!

I wish I was writing you to let you all know I was pregnant but that is not the case. I will give you the short version of what has been going on.

On February 25th we had our first transfer (placing the embryos in my uterus). I was feeling nauseous and exactly how I would feel if I was pregnant. On March 11th we went in and found out the that embryos didn't stick (I wasn't really pregnant). We were both upset but had good feelings about round #2. Luckily the clinic allowed us four attempts with our "package."

On to another try we go. Kristen and I both thought it wouldn't take to long and we should be back at it. Boy were we wrong!! I had been on the medicine and the shots before the transfer which messed with my body. In order to start try #2 I would have to have my monthly "friend." We waited and waited for what felt like months. FINALLY in June I was able to start shot again and we would transfer around July 20th. 

When I went in for my first lining check (checking the thickness of my uterus) it was looking good. We were so excited for the 2nd and FINAL lining check. Our doctor was out of town so we saw another doctor who informed us that the lining was too thick, they would need to contact our doctor to see what he would like to do. The next day we get a call that we are going to have to postpone the transfer. I was so upset I would cry when I would think about it.

They had me start some new medication to help my monthly "friend" visit to shed the lining. They had me stop some medicine and continue the daily shots.
We are now to the point that we had our #1 lining check today, the lining was still a little thicker than they wanted but they will do an extra one this time so we don't have the same issue as last time. I also will take 1 pill 2x a day instead of 2 pills 3x a day like before.

If everything goes as planned this time around our transfer should be either August 14th or August 16th depending on if we do a 3 or 5 day transfer.

Well I will keep you all posted on what happens next! Time to go take my shots :)

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