Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lining Check #2

Today we went in for what we thought as the "extra" lining check, the doctor said he would like it between 10 to 15cm to transfer (plant the embryos into the uterus). Today my lining was 10cm. The original plan was to transfer on Friday August 14th or the 16th, at the end of the transfer Kristen asked if we could move transfer up a few days since the lining was in a good position and the medicine will continue to increase it.

Doctor H. gave us the thumbs up!!

Folks, TRANSFER IS MONDAY 8.10.15 or WEDNESDAY 8.12.15!!!

You may be wondering why there are 2 different dates. Well once they put the amount embryos in the "incubator" to fertilize, they will pick the best ones. If there are only 2 good quaility embryos, we will transfer on the 10th which would be called a '3-day transfer.' If they have more than 2 good quality, they will wait until the 12th which would be a '5-day transfer,' so hopefully the weak ones will stop growing and they can pick the best ones!

After transfer you have 2 LONG dreaded weeks until you go in for a blood test called a Beta. Our beta will be on 8.24.15, they want the beta number to be over 100 and then you go back 2 days later and it should be higher. If that's the case then you are PREGNANT. If not it is what's called a chemical pregnancy, after the first transfer we had a chemical pregnancy. If you would have asked if I was pregnant I would have said yes because I 100% felt like I was. When we went in for the beta my number was 48 and then 24 hours later it was lower.

We will keep you updated as much as possible. I will post some more later on the shots that I am taking. I will stop the small ones (Lupron) on Friday and start the BIG boys (progesterone).

Feel free to ask any questions!!

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