Monday, November 2, 2015

The BIG Day!

TRANSFER DAY - 8.12.15

This was not our first transfer.  We transferred 2/25 which resulted in a chemical pregnancy.  It was not ideal, but both of us are such believers in the human body, that we knew the body stopped this implantation immediately because something simply wasn't right. 

After waiting since end of February, the day had finally arrived. Kristen picked me up from work around 9:25, we got to the clinic about 9:35. We talked to the nurse and Dr. H and then we were ready!
Look at those adorable hats!
Here are the two embryos

Everything went well and the embryos looked perfect. We started the infamous 'Two Week Wait,' that everyone who has gone through IVF knows about.  It's the two week period where you wait to see if your embryo(s) implanted or not!  We were told we had a 60% chance of this working.  Sure, that sounds like a high number, but that also means we had a 40% chance of it NOT working.  Thinking about it that way was terrifying.  


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