Monday, November 9, 2015

The (Other) Big Day - 8.17.15

What a day.  

This is a day I had been looking forward to, and dreading, for months.  Two big events happened on the same day; my baby started school, and Alysha was to the point in her transfer where a home pregnancy test (HPT) should test positive or negative. Whether you are doing IVF, or getting pregnant the ol' fashion way, implantation will work the same way.  A sperm and an egg fertilize (hopefully), and the embryo begins to divide, and divide, and divide until it is a cluster of hundreds of cells.  Approximately ten days after a sperm and egg meet, a HPT should read positive or negative.  On 8/17, we were five days past a five day transfer, or 5dp5dt in IVF terms.  In other words, we transferred the embryos five days after they fertilized, so we were ten days past fertilization day.  

I have totally bored you all and made you do more math than you thought you wanted to do today.  Several IVF and/or Surro families make the decision to wait for the doctor's blood draw to get the news, but most of us cheat, because who is that patient?  

8/17 was a Monday, and luckily I had such a busy week buying school supplies and uniforms, meeting the teacher, washing uniforms, going to ALL THE STORES trying to find a pair of white knee-highs, etc.  And then the day came.  We woke up and Evelina was SO excited.  She was not at all nervous or hesitant to start school.  I, of course, held back the tears, as I got her dressed and got her backpack together, packed with a few comfort items just in case she needed them.  

Rex and I took her together to school.  She ran to her teacher and didn't even want to say goodbye to us!  After we dropped her off and made sure she got in the doors safely, I tried my hardest to keep my mind occupied for a few hours.  Naturally I ended up at Target.  I wanted to get her a special 'first day of school treat' and got her the last copy of the Descendants soundtrack. 

School was just about to end so I made my way back to school to pick her up.  She was already outside waiting for me by the time I got there.  She had the cutest hand crafted "first day of pre-K" hat and as soon as she made eye contact with me, she ran to me!  She talked about school the entire way to get frozen yogurt to celebrate her first day.  

We got home and now my brain was really racing.  I already started a new chapter today, was I about to start another one?  Alysha and Rex were still at work.  I knew she still had to get home and take care of her kids and eat before she tested.  Rex got home and I in no way wanted to cook.  We grabbed a quick dinner and Alysha sent me a text saying she was going to test in about one hour.  I had butterflies like wild.  

We got home and I went on a walk with Evelina.  I heard a text come through on my phone.  I knew it was Alysha and I knew why she was texting me.  I didn't even want to pull my phone out of my pocket.  I didn't for a few minutes.  I finally went for it.  

And it was beautiful. 

Two pink lines. 


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