Sunday, November 15, 2015

Woes of the First Trimester

I will go ahead and say it.  The first trimester is the worst of the three.  It's the trimester of worry!  You worry about implantation, growth, the placenta properly attaching, etc, etc.  You go into your first ultrasound and just hope so hard you find a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, many babies don't even make it that far.  Miscarriages are so common those first few weeks.  We were coming off a chemical pregnancy from March so we were extra nervous.  

We went in September 1st for our first ultrasound.  This was an ultrasound simply to make sure the embryo implanted in the uterus and not in the Fallopian tubes (scary)!  I thought that wasn't even a possibility with IVF but apparently it can definitely happen.  After all of us shaking and sweating for twenty minutes the doctor finally comes in and starts the ultrasound.  It took him no time to find one perfectly implanted embryo. There was no heartbeat this early on, but that is expected at 5.5 weeks.  

We go our separate ways and now it's Labor Day weekend.  Rex & I are having a family dinner and Alysha is camping with her family.  I get a call Sunday evening from Alysha saying she had some bleeding, spotting and cramping over the weekend.  The bleeding had subsided to spotting, but not completely tapered off.  Damn it.  There it was.  I always feel like I am cursed with bad luck and there it was.  I was absolutely convinced it was a miscarriage.  We called the on-call doctor to be told unless she was heavily bleeding and severely cramping, it was 'most likely not a miscarriage.' how most likely?  20%?  40%?  We didn't know and they couldn't see us until Tuesday.  

We all tried to finish the rest of our Labor Day weekend, which was mostly impossible for me.  Tuesday morning came and I barely slept the night before.  We were going in later this week anyways to see the heartbeat (hopefully), but at this point we all wanted to go in as soon as possible.  Rex went as I needed to watch Evelina.  Like I said last post, a text came through.  I knew it was Rex and I knew what he was going to say; either they found a heartbeat or they didn't. I took a deep breath and read it.  There was a video attached with a little heartbeat.   


It was about 5-10 beats slower than it should be.  Damn it! We weren't 'out of the clear.' We were told to come back one week later to see if there was a stronger heartbeat.  ACK!  Another week of distractions and restless nights.  The week went by and it was time for our THIRD ultrasound at only 7.5 weeks.  The heart rate had gone up significantly to over 130!!! 


The doctor found a subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH).  The word he used to describe it was 'worrisome.'  It was quite large.  The good news is it was not actively bleeding.  We all assumed that is what caused the bleeding the week before.  Basically what could happen is that at any time it could begin to actively bleed and detach the tiny little sack and take it with as it bleeds out :( So scary.  

So there we went again.  Alysha was placed on pelvic rest with no heavy lifting or exercise.  We went our ways and were told to come back in two weeks.  

We returned two weeks later and the heartbeat was over 180 which is so awesome, but the SCH was still there.  The doctor said at this point, we just have to wait.  Luckily as the baby begins to grow, the chance of the SCH bleeding and taking the sack with it decreases.  With how much the sack grows each week, we felt relieved.  Somewhat.

We 'graduated' from our reproductive center and got to see our main OB office!  After ten months of seeing these a couple dozen times, it was pretty bittersweet! 

Then a little over two weeks past and we saw our midwife.  She found the heartbeat no problem with her Doppler.  She said everything sounded great.  Alysha hadn't had bleeding in over one month, but we still wanted to see the SCH for our comfort.  We were hoping it was reabsorbing or maybe even gone at this point!  She agreed to schedule a ultrasound which we went to at 12.5 weeks.  After the ultrasound we learned that the SCH was still there, but a tiny bit smaller.  We are hoping it is slowly reabsorbing.  Think of a blister.  If you leave it alone, it eventually reabsorbs back in the body.  

It's still on the back of our minds, but at this point it could be there the entire pregnancy.  Luckily, the baby is much bigger than the SCH at this point, and it's the exact opposite side of where the placenta attached.  The placenta thing is huge!  We just keep happy thoughts and Alysha is not exercising and doing her best not to lift, etc. 

Along with ALL of that stress, Alysha of course dealt with some pretty intense morning sickness and fatigue.  We started the fourteenth week which is the unofficial start of the second trimester in a pretty big way - 7th row at Garth Brooks.  It. Was. Amazing.  


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