Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Big Reveal Part II

As I mentioned last post, Alysha and I were so excited for this party.  It's just something we wanted from the beginning.  Our case even felt more of a surprise knowing she knew the answer to the big question before Rex and I did! 

We brainstormed and wanted to do something unique, and something we hadn't seen before. There are so many good ideas out there, and they are all so fun! We knew we were finding out the flavor of the babe in the fall and wanted to incorporate my favorite time of year into the reveal.  I had the idea to have Evelina dive through a pile of leaves to reveal the gender! I purchased a pink balloon and blue balloon and Alysha and Ben sneaked out to the backyard and hid the proper balloon in the leaves, and stashed the other balloon in the back of their car.

+++ Anyone reading this in the winter, you can do this concept in the snow instead of leaves! +++

About fifteen minutes after guests started to arrive, we called everyone outside for the reveal. I was shaking! We did the countdown and let Evelina dive away...

Apologies for so many photos! I love the progression of the the first photos where Evelina finds out she is not getting a sister.  She had a diva moment, which I knew would happen if it was blue! She cheered up right away! Remember to pin your favorite images to save for later!

Watch the video of the reveal here.  

I dressed in blush and navy to match our theme, and Evelina and Rex wore blues and pinks as well.  


  1. Congrats!! Alysha, I admire you for giving such a gift as being a surrogate.