Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Changing Table Reveal - Featuring Pampers Premium Care

Have you ever noticed some of your baby's biggest milestones and bonding moments happen on the changing table? When Evelina was born, I remember bringing this tiny little 5lb baby home from the hospital, and some of my favorite moments were bonding with her on the changing table.  It's the first place she made eye contact with me, the first place she smiled at me, and her first attempts of rolling over happened here.  And now here I am, almost five years later about to have another baby to bond with.  This case is different, as some of our very first bonding moments will take place on this table, as opposed to nine months of bonding in the womb like most mothers have.  My #MothersPromise to this baby is to always love caring for him, and never feel as if the mundane things are a burden.  I promise to love every smile on the changing table, every time he tries to escape a changing, every time I have to change both of us after a changing...these are moments you don't get back.  I promise they won't be taken for granted. 

Because of my strong love for the changing table, I chose to make this the center of attention in his nursery.  The theme of the nursery is 'subtle science' or a 'nerdsery' as we also have been calling it ;) .   My husband is a software engineer and grew up with a love for video games, and all things science.  Guys, he's the real deal!  He was counting infinitely at 2, multiplying at 4, and programming computers at 8.  I remember when we were 17, he grabbed my TI-83, messed with it a few minutes, handed it back and he had programmed a game on my calculator!  It blew my mind.  We had only been dating a few weeks at the time.  Oh, and he can do the Rubik's Cube in minutes. The chosen elements for the gallery wall are all meaningful and thought out. They are:
-A binary message to our babe 
-A vintage letter board
-One of Albert Einstein's most famous photos
-A unique shelf that resembles the Zelda Tri Force, and coincidentally, my sorority's pledge pin (Go Tri Delta!)  
-A faux antler mounting.  This is a very special piece.  It represents his surro family.  Alysha and Ben are avid hunters (Ben is to 'hunting' as Rex is to 'nerding.' Is nerding a verb?)
-A constellation sheet
-Geode drawer knobs

Here are a few photos of the changing table. 

Another way I want this space to be a place of comfort and love, is to only use the best products on his little body.  One of these products I plan to use are Pampers Premium Care diapers, which I purchased at Walmart.  While I haven't tried this product yet, as little babe is still cooking, I can tell it's a quality product just by touching it!  I love how soft it is and how delicate it promises to be on the skin, as well as supreme absorption and a hassle free wetness indicator, not to mention their amazing reviews on  I just can't wait to see his little bum in these diapers!

I would love to hear some of your #MothersPromise stories in the comments below! This post was sponsored by Pampers and Walmart, but all thoughts are my own.