Friday, April 29, 2016

Maternity Photos

Happy Due Date to us :) 

We originally had photos scheduled for end of March, but I was quite sick with the flu, which lead to hospitalization (and an ignored blog for that matter).  We had to cancel them, and even upon release of the hospital I still didn't feel back to myself.  Thankfully I started to feel better and we were able to find a time that worked for all of us, and everything worked out!  The weather was much warmer, and the blossoms were out in full force.  

It's only fitting we chose the Utah State Capitol for our backdrop, as the state of Utah played a part in this process.  I haven't been on the Capitol property for years, and I had completely forgotten how beautiful this place is!  

Our sweet baby, Thackery Rex was born on Earth Day, ten days after these were taken.  I am so happy to have these photos, especially to show him when he is bigger and old enough to understand this process.  More posts to follow about his birth. 

Photos courtesy of White Dandelion Photography

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