Thursday, July 7, 2016

His Arrival

I can't believe that little Thack has been here in our arms for 11 weeks already.  I hope to remember his arrival perfectly for years to come.  It went something like this...

Rex and I arrived to the hospital around 10am, where Alysha was dilated to about a 2.  Her water had broken, and the nurses said she was progressing perfectly.  We visited, talked, laughed, and reminisced for the next hour or so.  I think all of us just couldn't believe it was 'go time.'  Around noon, she was ready for an epidural.  Rex and I stepped out for this.  We went down to eat while Alysha got the goods and while they kicked in.  We returned about 45 minutes later and it was still a calm, quiet feel in the delivery room.  She had slowly progressed and started to feel more uncomfortable.  She got checked and was dilated to 4cm about 2pm.  Sometime at this point the nurse thought she would be delivering by 6-7pm.  We were cautious of her progression, because our photographer said she wanted to leave her house when she reached 6cm, as she was about 45 minutes away.  We were nervous that the next check she would have progressed so much that our photographer would miss the window of leaving!  Alysha had been saying for weeks that once she progresses, she goes fast!  And pushes fast! 

Alysha was started to feel quite a bit, more than with her three kids at this point.  We were about to step out for a bit when her nurse came in and did another check and she was 5+cm.  We told her the concern about the photographer and she said to tell her to get going! We got in contact with Jessica right away and she headed South.  We stepped out and went to our room across the hall, as the hospital was nice enough to give us a room as well.  We rested and tried to stay focused.  Alysha sent a text at 3:53 saying she was 6+ and completely thinned.  We headed back to her room knowing it was just about time to meet our baby!  Jessica had arrived and thought she had time to take some detailed shots of the exterior, hallways etc.  About ten minutes after arriving back to Alysha's L&D room, her midwife came in and did a final check and said "Are you ready to meet your baby?!" Uh...yes!  "Will she push in about 20 or 30 minutes? I need to tell my mom and sister when to leave their house?"  "...In about five minutes" the midwife said! WHOA! It was happening! Jessica was still in the hallways so we told her to rush back.  She walked in and the midwife was gowning up.  

And just like that, it was push time.  I honestly didn't even pay attention to the pushes, probably 3-4, and about 15 minutes.  At 4:34pm, Thackery Rex Patrick J. was born.  He was soooo cute.  I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story...

I think I could have shared 200 more images.  'Birth Stories' were just becoming popular when I was pregnant with Evelina, and I wish I had photos like these with her! Thank you Jessica for the glorious images!  

We were SO proud of Alysha.  She was a pro, she knew exactly what to do.  She probably could have done this all herself :)  After delivery, all of our families came to meet him and love on Alysha and Thack.  

After everyone got settled and got to meet our sweet baby, we moved to the post-delivery rooms. Unfortunately we didn't get to spend much time with Alysha until the next day because he was moved to the special care nursery because he was grunging, or 'singing' as the nurses said.  He was not breathing as fast as babies are supposed to, and his oxygen would drop just a bit.  After four days in the nicu with antibiotics, fluids and air-flow, we were released and ready for our new adventure.  He is absolutely healthy and growing like crazy now! 

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