Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tech Birth Announcement + Newborn Photos

Little Thack was nine days old in his newborn photos.  He was still sleeping most of the day, but we got some perfect photos of his eyes and alert as can be as well.  We were so happy to have him home and healthy after a rough start.  Evelina was over the moon about him, and would cuddle him all day if we let her.  We wanted soft, natural photos, just enjoying our new babe.

We went back and forth whether or not we should send birth announcements.  We ultimately decided to send them, once we thought of a perfect announcement!  "Hello, World" is an expression you've probably seen recently in baby world, but Hello, World also refers to a computer program.  Since Rex is a software engineer, and computer guy in general, we leveraged the message and designed the announcement to read like lines of code.  Of course Rex wanted it to read as accurately as possibly, in order to retain programmer cred, and I wanted it to read so that our friends and family who received the announcement would still understand it!  Here is what we came up with (last name blurred out):

It was a pretty big hit!  We got quite a bit of positive feedback and slow claps from its recipients!  Here are a few more favorite images from the session:

Planetary Swaddle: Little Unicorn
Blue Knotted Beanie: Young Buck

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